Entry level employees


The professional training of employees aims to increase work quality, the awareness of the importance of ever employee at his workplace, in order to eliminate human accidents and technical incidents and to lead to the development of human capital and improving the knowledge  of the employees.

CE Oltenia ensures a well-organized system of professional training –in compliance with the needs of both the company and each of the employees.
CE Oltenia expresses  an ongoing commitment towards the professional excellence by providing an ongoing staff training and by implementing a performance culture at the company level,  based on discipline, procedures and on recognizing the individual and team contributions.


Societatea Complexul Energetic Oltenia SA (CEO) may conduct traineeships for pupils, students and master students as determined in the administrative procedure – Organizing and conducting traineeships, code: PAD-RU-001, in compliance with the applicable laws.

The traineeship for pupils, students and master students is organized and conducted according to the agreement/convention concluded between the university/pre-university educational establishment/institution as the traineeship coordinator, CEO executive business/branch as the traineeship partner and the trainee/trainees.

The agreement/convention for the traineeship is prepared in accordance with:

  • the Order of the Minister of Education, Research and Youth No. 3955/2008 concerning the General framework for organizing traineeships within the Bachelor studies and Master’s degree and the Master Agreement relating to the performance of traineeship within Bachelor studies and Master’s degree. .
  • the Order of the Minister of Education, Research and Youth No. 3539/2012 approving the Agreement for traineeship of pupils in vocational and technical education.

The traineeships within CEO are requested by the university/pre-university education institutions or, where applicable, individually by students/master students interested in the programs.

The duration of traineeship is mutually agreed by the agreement concluded between CEO executive business/Branch, the education institution and the trainee/trainees.

If the traineeship is conducted without involving the university education institution, the student/master student interested in:

Throughout the traineeship, the trainee:

  • should carry out the activities provided under the traineeship portfolio, observing the duration and the period of the traineeship, and should comply with the agreed working hours;
  • should comply with the Internal Rules and Organizational and Operational Rules of CEO, own instructions and applicable laws on Occupational Safety and Health relating to the activity performed;
  • not to use the information available during the traineeship relating to CEO/Branch in order to disclose it to a third party or to publish it, even following the traineeship, unless otherwise agreed by CEO/Branch;
  • should prepare and daily update the traineeship notebook;
  • should participate actively in the activities performed by the traineeship partner only if they are for specialization and knowledge development purposes, but only after conducting the training on occupational health and safety according to the laws in force relating to the specific activities carried on;
  • during the traineeship, the trainee enjoys the status of a worker in terms of laws.

Further details and information may be obtained at: telephone 0372819752 or email: formare.prof@ceoltenia.ro.

Professional training for pupils and students through traineeships

In 2016, according to the traineeships conventions and master agreements, CEO provided access to material resources and coordinated professional traineeships for 136 pupils and students.